About Us

CSD Storage

The management at CSD has a background steeped in the evaluation, design, manufacture and supply of equipment required for the storage of hazardous substances. Developed out of necessity to solve customer problems, identified in some of the most sophisticated Hazardous Risk Assessments. Working hand in hand with our customer base, we have been able to develop a very unique way of thinking "outside of the box" looking at hazards in many ways that our clients cannot see, simply because they are too close or too familiar with the situation.

We specialise in this very specific niche market field, which ensures you the customer, get the very best of our years of experience, in identifying the risk, designing the solution, making the right recommendations, helping you implement the required changes and doing it in a safe cost
effective way.

We are here to help, for internal storage or external storage problems, simply contact us today and be assured of the very best professional help and support.

email us at sales@csd-ltd.com